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Recruitment Handbook



Qualification Standard & Plan
Green Star |  Red Star |  Silver Star | Gold Star |  Master Cadet

Instructional Guide
Green Star |  Red Star |  Silver Star Vol-1Silver Star Vol-2 | Gold Star |  Master Cadet


Joining Instructions

Duke of Edinburgh Award
Visit the Web site

National Star of Excellence
The National Star of Excellence can be earned by any Army Cadet who has successfully completed their Gold Star Level. You start accumulating points for your first level during your Gold Star year based on achievements such as Physical Fitness, Marksmanship, High Attendance, Participation & Placing at Competitions, Community Service, etc. You accumulate points for your second and subsequent level upon successful completion of the Master Cadet Level. Read the manual now to become more familiar with the program and start earning your points ASAP! 

Uniform Badge Placement

Army Cadet Dress Regulations
Right Sleeve
Left Sleeve 

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